5 Easy Way How To Transfer Data From One Phone To Another

How To Transfer Data From One Phone To Another phone

How To Transfer Data From One Phone To Another

It’s a magical time for any mobile device user, getting that brand new phone fresh from your telco, opening the box, peeling back the screen film and switch it on for the first time, seeing the Android startup screen in all its customizable glory. 
But then the realization comes, somehow you’re going to have to get all your settings, apps and media from your old phone to your new phone, it’s a long road ahead.

1. Contacts

Use your old device to export your contacts to your microSD card via the People app > Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts > Export to SD card. You can then insert the SD card into your new device and follow that same steps but instead of “Export to SD card”, select “Import from SD card”.
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2. Transfer Text Messages

The easiest way to do this is to use a third party application like “SMS Backup & Restore”, a free application built by Ritesh Sahu Tools. 
Similar to your contact, you can export your SMS history as an XML file and then sync it to your new device. 
This application also has the handy feature of being able to back up to your Dropbox, Email or Google Drive, so it’s useful long after you’ve made the transition.
How To Transfer Data From One Phone To Another

3. Photos and Video

Not asking any questions, it’s your business, but you may have some photos or videos that you may need to move over to your new device… You can do this via third-party applications like SFT, Share it or ES File Explorer. Each of these applications is very powerful, free and easy to use, so I won’t spend a huge amount of time explaining how to use these.
4. Home screen layout
This is the big one for me, I have many applications that I need (read really like, grand scheme of things, not really a need) a click or two away at all times, 
and a great way to have a seamless and sane transition is to utilize an app called NOVA launcher, where you can take a full snapshot of your home screen app and folder placement, and then mirror that on your new device. Just make sure you install NOVA and all the apps you had on your old device prior to restoring.

Transfer data to new android phone

5. Complete and utter app transfer

Helium is a free application that will allow you to save all your personal settings/cache from all your existing applications and load them to your new device. 
This translates to not having to remember/reset all your app passwords. Hell of a time saver! You can save the data to an SD card or a PC. 
If you want further functionality, you can also buy the premium version that will allow you to set scheduled backups to your cloud of choice, mine being Dropbox of course.

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