AVG Cleaner Pro Apk 4.14.0[Latest] 2020

AVG Cleaner Pro Apk

AVG Cleaner pro Apk

    Hello friends, today we will make you a very good person to know about you, which removes bad files from mobile and increases the speed of your mobile. AVG Cleaner Pro Apk increases the speed memory and battery of mobile. This app is very good to save on your mobile. Do and enjoy AVG Cleaner 2020 makes your mobile smooth, increases its speed, it removes bad files, this app installs a lot of people have.

    What is AVG Cleaner Pro Apk?

    When the speed of our mobile decreases, a lot of bad files get stored on the mobile and many bad files are made. It is very important to get these bad files out of the mobile, for which we need a mobile cleaner, AVG Cleaner 2020 is a very good software to remove the bad final from the mobile.
    You will get to download the AVG Cleaner Pro version, it will get a lot of pictures. ABG Cleaner Free I do not get everyone can not pay for a paid version, so we are giving Pro version for you absolutely free, here you will be given a lot of information about it.
    This app will also give you the battery saving feature, due to which the time of your mobile battery will increase, it is very easy to run the app, everyone can run this app very easily, you can double the capacity of your mobile.
    ABG Cleaner has downloaded more than 10 million people from the Google Play Store and a lot of people get to see good comments and many features are available in its pro version.
    Easy cleaner's future
    AVG Cleaner Pro gives you many different types and many more features, which greatly increases the capacity of your mobile.
    AVG Cleaner removes bad files in your mobile that the speed of mobile doubles.

    Remove Junk Files

    This app has a very good feature, it removes bad files from mobile very quickly. To increase the memory of the mobile, for this you have to click the quick clean button of this app and this app will automatically remove the bad files from the mobile and increase the speed of your mobile.
    Automatic clear bad images
    This app finds and removes bad images in your mobile very quickly, in this way your mobile memory increases more. This is a very good feature of this mobile.
     It does not spoil the quality.
    AVG Cleaner will show the information of your mobile photo on the screen, you can delete bad files and duplicate photos with a button on the mobile screen.

    Apps manager

    AVG Cleaner deletes applications which take too much RAM, with this app you can unify those applications which spend a lot of RAM, you can stop and delete the application, this app will keep giving you notifications which will be very Using more RAM, you can delete them according to your own

    Battery saver

    Another very good function of this app is battery saver, it will tell you which mobile apps are doing more battery. You can increase the battery time drastically by setting some in this app, which will greatly increase the backup of your mobile.

    Automatic Reminder

    Another very good in AVG Cleaner Pro is you turn it on, it will come to you, which is a useless app in your mobile, you can do good by deleting them.
    AVG Cleaner Pro Apk

    NameAVG Cleaner
    CompanyAVG Mobile
    RequirementVaries With Device
    File Size21MB


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       Key Features of AVG Cleaner Pro

    • Clean up junk files in your mobile;
    • Clean up junk files in your mobile;
    • Battery saver of your mobile and long life of a battery;
    • Clean useless application in your smartphone;
    • Every information of your mobile on the mobile screen;
    • It is Malware Cleaner and gets high up mobile;
    • old files remove and get more space smartphone;
    • images analyze remove bad images.

    Mod app features

    • Get Pro features of free of cost;
    • ads remove;
    • Disable unwanted permission;
    • easy to install.

    What's New

    • Bug Fixes;
    • remove permission;
    • disable ads.


    Finally, AVG Cleaner Pro Apk is the best application for android devices. it is urgent to download on every smartphone. everybody does not pay for  AVG Cleaner paid version. Hare, you can download and enjoy it. Please comment on this app.

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